Eco-Council 2019-2020

We have a thriving Eco-council led by the Year 6 representatives. Meetings are held before school on Thursday mornings at 8.40am. The council has representatives from years 1 -6. The representatives report back to class and from class to the Eco-council.

Downton Primary School ECO-COUNCIL MEETING 10 October 2019 KS1/2

Minutes 10-9-19 (8.40-9.05am)

1 Send message to parents about cake sale (18/10/19 at 3.30pm in playground). JW to ask PC.

2 Chose location for new bird box. Get bird boxes for places we have found. (Move Robin box).

3 We are going to learn song “It’s a wonderful world” for our Eco-worship. A to ask JB.

4 18th October cake sale just for cakes. We’ll do a plant sale in the Spring. Reps. to remind classes.

Agenda 17-10-19 (8.40-9.05am)

1 Cake sale arrangements.

2 CC coming to talk about birds to help us prepare for our worship and bring the new bird box.

3 Crisp packet flattening.


Minutes 17-10-19

1 JW showed JB where the eco council think the bird boxes should be located.

2 Year 1 and 2 need to give feed back to class.

4 A local eco blogger is coming to visit us on 21st November to help us become more eco friendly..

5 On 14th November the Eco Assessor coming in to see if we still deserve green flag status.

6 Worship planned for 6 November.