Before children begin attending Downton CE Primary School, we work hard to ensure effective transition from pre-schools and nurseries into school. Children are visited in their settings and come for some settling in sessions before officially beginning school.

Early Years

Children transition into Reception class to continue and finish their Early Years Curriculum. This is a play-based curriculum around the seven areas of learning; communication and language, personal, social and emotional development, physical development, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and creative arts. Children have a wonderful learning environment with access to a high quality indoor and outdoor curriculum.

The National Curriculum

Once children transition into Year 1 and up, they are taught following The National Curriculum. At Downton, we aim to provide a curriculum that is vibrant, engaging and meets the needs of all of our learners. This can be done by planning high quality learning experiences that encourage children to use a range of learning skills. The subjects of the National Curriculum are organised into topic-based learning and are often accompanied by opportunities to go on trips and visits, as well as by consolidating learning at home through homework..

Throughout Early Years and Key Stages One and Two, teachers work hard to plan activities that match your child's ability and interests. They are then assessed, through observation and sometimes by a test so that subsequent targets and learning activities can be set. School staff would be happy to discuss any aspect of planning, progress and attainment with you.

Please click the links below to download further information on individual subjects: