Vision & Values

Our Vision

‘Valuing Faith in Children and Education’

At Downton C of E Primary School we recognise that everyone is an individual, loved by God, and has a voice that will be listened to. We aim to encourage all to develop their self-confidence, to reach their potential, have a thirst for learning and to be the best they can be.

The Governors, staff, and children will work together to develop a school community in which everyone is supported to:

  • Aim high to reach our potential and develop our talents;

  • Reach out to support and inspire each other through work and play;

  • Explore the world through our learning;

  • Value ourselves and respect each other;

  • Be safe and happy so that we can confidently challenge ourselves to try our best.

Our Values

All children are welcome at Downton CE Primary School, of all faiths or none. The school is a community that upholds Christian Beliefs and Values. It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promotes Christian values through the experience it offers all pupils.

These Beliefs and values underpin our vision and are supportive of all we aim to achieve
for everyone who comes to our school. Our school values reflect important principles that we wish to encourage and explore during our time at Downton CE Primary School and which will contribute to making us thoughtful citizens of the future.

As a Church School, we are a community founded on Christian Values. These values underpin our vision, provide a basis for our principles and support everything that we aim to achieve for all who come to our school. These values are lived out in our School to encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith through the experience it offers all pupils.

Our Christian Values are:

  • Love

  • Peace

  • Respect

  • Compassion

  • Responsibility

  • Friendship

We express our School Values as follows :

Aim high - We aim high to God's glory, remembering God wants the best for us.

Reach out - Jesus said "love one another" - We reach out in service and care for others in the wider community and the world.

Safe and happy - We work to create a safe and happy environment in God's loving presence.

Value each other - Building a community, in which each person is valued and respected, guided by our Christian belief.

Explore - God made a wonderful world and wants us to enjoy it in all its glory.

Our School’s Spirituality Statement

Downton Primary School is committed to being a community which promotes spiritual development. We have a strong links with the local community and work closely with many different groups including the local schools, churches, businesses and charity groups.

Spirituality looks outwards to reflect on the natural world, the environment and human capacities and achievement. It looks inwards to reflect on beliefs, values, feelings, hopes, dreams, ideals and aspirations. This reflection shapes the way we think, and feel about creation, ourselves, and other people, and how we respond.

Our Christian values of Love, Peace, Respect, Compassion, Responsibility and Friendship will deepen as we develop our spirituality within the life of the school supported by our Worship Council.

Inclusivity Statement

Downton Primary School is committed to creating a hospitable, nurturing community where life can be lived amicably together without fear, and where all are able to learn and achieve. We are committed to valuing and upholding the dignity of all pupils, staff, parents and carers, irrespective of religious faith, ethnicity, gender identity, individual needs, age, sexual orientation or socio-economic background.