Reading & Phonics Schemes

At Downton Primary School our vision for reading and writing is underpinned by our three curriculum drivers; aspirations, knowledge and personal development.

We encourage a passion for reading through regular opportunities in class to share and discuss high quality texts, as well as reading for pleasure.

As a staff team we have identified key texts which every child should experience on their journey through Downton. We encourage our children to read widely as this broadens horizons, develops imagination and provides a construct to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world.

We have lunch time reading club in our library where children are encouraged to borrow and read books. We also celebrate reading throughout the year through author visits and book themed days.

At Downton Primary school we feel the ability to communicate effectively underpins our curriculum and provides key skills which enable Downton children to fulfil their dreams.

Across all subjects, we provide a forum for children to develop the skills necessary to communicate their thoughts, ideas, decisions and feelings successfully.

We aim develop children's use of wide and purposeful vocabulary, which provides them with the tools to express themselves both verbally and through their writing.

We strongly believe that in order to write successfully children must first have something to write about. With this in mind our teachers plan a wide variety of rich experiences, visits and trips that not only enhance our children’s knowledge but also inspire their writing.

Useful websites and apps to support learning: (A free site to access over 250 ebooks) (A site with helpful tips on learning to read/write) (Access to games to support phonics) (Information about spelling and grammar rules) (You will need to sign up but the computer version is free)


At Downton C of E Primary school we follow the Collins Song of Sounds phonics scheme. It is a fun, multi-sensory approach to phonics which incorporates pictures, songs and actions to help support children with the acquisition of sounds.

song of sounds.png


From Year 2 to Year 6 our children follow Read, Write, Inc. Spelling a comprehensive, daily spelling scheme which develops children’s knowledge of word families, suffixes and prefixes as well as providing mnemonics to help remember tricky spellings and rules.

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We use a range of schemes including: